Monday, October 2, 2017

London 2017 - Sunday - Dream Masquerade Carnival Tea Party

On Sunday I slept quite long, so I didn't do anything before the event, not even eating breakfast. I arrived around half an our earlier before the event would start and quite soon we were let in a waiting room with air conditioning. Suddenly everyone rushed to the door because they were starting to check the tickets. However I was at the very back so I had to wait almost one hour to be able to enter the Tea Party room!

I was a little worried to find a good seat because I wanted to sit next to a Lolita from Sweden which who I exchanged messages before the event, as well as next to my friends from Germany. And guess what they were sitting both at the same table so that was really awesome! When I entered, the food was already served so I didn't had to wait long to start eating (I was soo hungry!). However they announced that they wanted to take the group picture now. But since I was hungry and had to wait so long to enter, I couldn't be bothered and started to eat (I wasn't the only one - there were quite a lot of people who did the same). The food was really delicious and sooo much! If I could I would have taken the leftovers home xD.

After the eating there was no program for over 2 hours. Of course they leave this time so you have enough opportunities to talk to people and take outfit pictures. But OMG the place was so cramped. Since so many people wanted a Tea Party ticket, they sold more and more but there was literally no space between the tables when people were sitting.

Only 30 minutes before the official end of the event they started with the rest of the program, which was choosing the best outfit by each guests, a speech and the raffle. During the speech, one guy proposed to his girlfriend and Kyra announced that this was the last event of Tea Party Club and it won't exist anymore. I was a little sad about it even if it was my first TPC event.

Asuka always appears so serious to me, I would have never thought that she can goof around like this xD

Then the raffle started when the event was supposed to finish. I left to change into my real clothes because I wanted to go to Camden afterwards for a little shopping. I wanted to go back to the room but since it was so hard to move I waited outside. However the raffle was still not finished 20min later so I just left because I was tired and really wanted to go to Camden ^^''''

The group picture I again wasn't part of ^^'''

I arrived at the shop but because of the traffic I only had ~20 minutes left for shopping. I could "only" buy 4 cardigans but I would have bought much more if I had more time xD

Afterwards I went back to my hotel and then to the Afterparty, which was at a cocktail bar in London. When you signed up for their newsletter you got a 10£ voucher, so I only had to pay 20 cents for my cocktail :D. But they were sooo tiny and considering their original prices (~14€) I didn't bought any more. The music was quite bad as well. So in the end I only stayed 1 hour, because I didn't liked it much and my friends from Germany also already wanted to leave (because they came much earlier than me haha).

It was a looong day but I wanted to sleep as long as possible, so I still packed my luggage in the middle in the night.

Thank you for reading, 
Miuko~ <3

Sunday, October 1, 2017

London 2017 - Saturday - Dream Magic Carnival Event

On Saturday I arrived quite early at the venue because I was a volunteer at the stall of RoseMarieSoir during the Gold VIP hour. The owner Ayumi was really nice and we talked a little. She can speak some english and I would have loved to talk to her more, but I'm really bad at holding conversations with people I don't really know ^^''''''. Unfortunately there was almost nothing to do for me because the stall of AP was in a different room, so there were nearly no costumers haha.

My shift was over and it was time for the Silver VIP hour. The other volunteer came a few minutes too late and I was a little angry at first, but then I went to the entrace (because I couldn't find the AP booth) and saw the looong line of Silver ticket holders. So at the end I was basically one of the first Silver ticket holders at the venue ^^'''.

I rushed to the AP stall but sadly all the good stuff was already gone. I heard from other people what they had for sale and apparently they only brought 1 piece of everything. I was very bummed to be honest because they announced an "Angelic Pretty super store" beforehand and I bought an additional Silver ticket just to be able to get some good stuff (I already had a Bronze ticket). In the end I bought nothing from AP!

Cute Maki and Asuka <3

Instead, I bought nearly every postcard from Imai Kira so I spend like 40£ just for postcards xD Plus I bought her totebag and all the buttons. For some weird reason I didn't thought about visiting the Triple Fortune booth at the beginning of the event even when I was a volunteer at the same room, so when I came there was nearly nothing left >_<

After my unsuccessful shopping trip I took advantage of the reeeally amazing photo corner! I also had a drink as they had set up a bar with a lot of booze xD.

Picture together with Shalisa which I know from blogging acutally <3

See all the bottles in the background ?! xD

Finally it was time for the first fashion show which was from the indie brands. There were sooo many outfits, it took quite long.

My favorite outfit - from Sweet Sakura

Afterwards they brought out a birthday cake to celebrate 10 years of Tea Party Club! The cake had super fluffy biscuit and very creamy cream and tasted really delicious :D Unfortunately they didn't had forks so it was a little hard to eat ^^'''

Cute Ayumi cutting the cake <3

Then it was time for the second fashion show with the well-known brands and of course Angelic Pretty! Most people were really waiting just for their fashion show but they came at the very end! And then they didn't even had many outfits or new stuff >o<

Afterwards Kunika made a little presentation about her cookies. I have hoped for more interesting information like how long does it take to make them or what kind of materials does she use etc, but she only described some pictures of her work (I would have asked those questions but there was no opportunity to do so). Then they had a cookie challenge where the special guests should decorate a cookie. But it also wasn't that interesting because they didn't had good colors to draw with (of course that would have been really difficult to set up without a kitchen). It was fun though because Triple Fortune said "Oh nooo I can't draw" but in the end one of them won!

Random detail picture of my outfit

Since I spend so much time sitting in the stage room, I wanted to walk around and take another look at all the stalls and talk to some people. However this was a mistake because the most fun program was happening now, which was the family feud game and fashion fix. I heard the music and the laughter but I realized too late that I should watch it ;__;

Now you may think there was already enough program and fashion shows but NO! There was a third fashion show which should be a celebration of "10 years of Angelic Pretty". I hoped they would bring their special fashion show dresses for this occasion, but in the end only the first one was such a dress. There was also a little presentation about the 10 years of Tea Party Club.

The special fashion show dress (it is hard to see but it had rhinestones all over)

The event was almost over, but no Lolita event ends without an obligatory raffle and the group picture (which I wasn't part of because the event was already over time, I was too tired and I already had taken off most of my outfit anyway).

Group picture without me haha. Here you can see also the beautiful venue, the 3 main organizers in the front and behind them the special guests from Japan: Triple Fortune, RoseMarieSoir and Angelic Pretty

Aaaaafter the event my day was not over, no I rushed with the other german Lolitas trough half of London because they wanted to buy shoes at a certain store, and afterwards we went for very delicious Hot Pot in China Town.

I added this picture because you can see the really cool photo corner here! Here you can also see the other german Lolitas hehe

You can find a report about the event on Kera online as well:

Now my post is finished and congratulations if you read through all of it! Thank you as well,
Miuko~ <3

Friday, September 29, 2017

London 2017 - Friday - Arrival

A few weeks ago I visited my first (and also last ;_;) Tea Party Club event in London! I already visited London 3 times before but I didn't remembered that I liked it so much like this year! I definitely want to visit London again! Sooo I will start with a short report about friday, the day I arrived in London. 

Instead of flying I took a train to London this year. For me, flying is always such a hassle with travelling to the far away airport, annoying security check, limited luggage, cramped seats... train is so much easier!
My first ride was with the ICE (german high speed train) and very comfortable like always. But then I had to change to the Eurostar and damn it was the most filthy train I have ever seen D: But I also saw some modern Eurostar trains so apparently not all of them are like this.

I arrived in London St. Pancreas and quickly dropped my luggage at the hotel to go to China Town! I really could need a refreshment so I went to eat Kakigori (shaved ice). The last time I ate this was in Japan and since then I'm craving for it because you can't find it anywhere in Germany! So I was very excited when I found out that you can eat it in London. However this Kakigori was made from milk and topped with looots of Matcha and red bean paste. Because of this it was even more snow-like and powdery than the ones I ate in Japan *o*

Then I visited P2bus, a korean and japanese make-up store. However it was very overpriced, so I didn't bought anything. Then I went to Oxford Street to check out some make-up stores, but I couldn't find anything interesting either.

In the afternoon I met with other german Lolitas in Camden and strolled through the market.

Then it was time for check-in at my hotel. I didn't knew that other Lolita friends from Germany would also attend the event, so I booked a single room at a student home, which is rented out to tourists during the summer breaks. It was interesting to see how students in London have to live (not too bad but also not too comfortable xD).

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Garden festival at Eko Temple

Last weekend I visited the Garden Festival at the Eko Temple in Düsseldorf. I knew before that there was a japanese temple in Düsseldorf, but I thought it was more like a room in some japanese-inspired house.

So I was surprised to see that it was actually a "complete" temple with a quite big japanese garden and a few "praying spots" (not sure how to call them). When I stepped on the temple grounds I immediatly felt like I was in Japan.

First we were walking around the garden and then entered a building with an Ikebana exhibition. They had a lot of flower arrangements and they were pretty to look at, althought they might even be more interesting when you know the meaning behind them.

Then we heard the Taiko drums and hurried to see the performance. Taiko is not only a listening experience but also a visual one; you have to see the drummers to really feel the energy!

Afterwards we took the time for a few outfit pictures and then secured a place for the Koto performance.

Koto is a japanese harp and the performance was amazing! I actually applied for Koto lessons starting in october, but I only applied to them because it's the only traditional japanese instrument that you can learn in this part of Germany (I also would love to learn Shamisen, Shinobue or Shakuhachi). But after the performance I felt in love with this instrument as well! They didn't only played traditional japanese music but also more modern pieces.

Then they had a performance of traditional japanese dance. It's the same kind of dance style that Geishas dance and I tried really hard to understand it and see the beauty in it, but both the dance and the music are just not my thing.

Afterwards was a second Taiko performance which I liked even more because it had even more energy (I feel like western Taiko performers play more soft and 'floating' but I like more sharp movements).

Overall I really loved the garden festival and I was happy to see traditional japanese art here in Germany. Of course I also liked it because it gave me sweet memories of my trip to Japan again. I want to visit it again to enjoy the garden with less people and to see the altar and the tea room (which were not accessible during the garden festival).

Btw I was surprised there where more german than japanese people (however mostly old folks) and that we were still stared at because we were dressed in Lolita fashion (this festival was not one of those were you accidently run into or have it advertised in the newspaper).


The garden festival was not the only thing I did that day.

Before, we met with another friend (because I wanted to buy something from her ^^''') and we went to TenTen café for about an hour. We all ordered iced matcha latte and cake. The latte was like a frappe but less brain-freezing and more fluffy. My cake was citron tarte and delicious as well.

In the evening we went to Relax Café for their special scary dinner menue. The first course was Takoyaki with a spicy fruit sauce, the second was sushi with a spicy sauce and the third one was icecream with candy cotton and a balsamico-garlic-onion sauce. The icecream tasted actually good, however it was too much balsamico and milk products with vinegar does not feel good in your belly after a few spoons ^^'''

Afterall it was a great day and it was nice to spend it with a friend who has similar interests in japanese traditional art and food hehe.

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Monday, August 21, 2017

Dokomi 2017

At the beginning of June it was time again for my favorite convention - Dokomi !!! In my opinion this year was the best one ever, but I also have to admit that I took much more advantage of the program than I did in the last years.

This year the convention was in 3 big halls for the first time (instead of many small rooms with carpet) and many people complained that it lost its "family feeling", but in my opinion there was much more space for sitting down and walking around, besides the fact that there was much more program and shopping booths to see. So for me it was a positive change :)

~*~ Saturday ~*~
The first thing I did when I arrived at the convention was to make a reservation in the host club for the next day, because it is always sold out so quickly (but not as quickly as the maid cafe which was sold out after 10 minutes haha).

Then I visited the most important booth "Harajuku Closet" which was selling Btssb \(*o*)/! They are a new shop in Germany, not 100% like a real Btssb shop but they had quite a lot of new items of Btssb! The prices are so-so, the dresses cost nearly as much as in the old Paris store, but accessories cost almost the same like in Japan. Because of this I bought a strawberry necklace from Btssb which I already wanted to own for a long time! I also talked a little with the shop owner and he told me that you can order stuff through their shop from the Btssb online shop.

Then it was almost time for the Tempura Kidz concert! Since you usually have to line up quite early for concerts at the Dokomi and I wanted a good seat, I arrived at the concert hall around 1 hour earlier. But this year there was no need to line up so early because the new concert hall was really big! Instead I had the opportunity to watch a cosplay competition for the first time in my life... yes I'm visiting Cosplay-related conventions since 6 years and never actually saw or did any cosplay-related stuff xD.

It was actually quite interesting and funny, however I expected the cosplays to be more "amazing", I had the feeling I could easily do the same (it was the official German Cosplay Competition after all). But maybe I'm underestimating the time and work you actually need to create an accurate cosplay and a matching performance.

Random picture of the cute Lucky Chocolate Maid Café charm I bought :)

Then it was time for the Tempura Kidz concert and it was sooo amazing! Tbh I didn't knew a lot of their songs, only "Cider Cider", which they unfortunately didn't peform ;__; But the dancers were actually singing live and sounded definitely much better then some of the famous Idol groups! Their concert felt a lot like a party and they were really animating the crowd to dance with them.

I also had the feeling that P-chan was winking at me a few times during the concert but maybe he was winking to someone else behind me or to a camera or whatever xD. I was suprised that the concert wasn't very well visited but I think Tempura Kidz are just not that famous. For me however it was great because no annoying crowds, no pushing, no huge guys standing in front of me, instead I could easily stand front row directly at the stage!

I have to say Tempura Kidz are sooooo cute! Really I loved them and I wished they would have a second concert on Sunday as well ;___;

Picture is from Tempura Kidz' twitter. I'm on the very left with the bear ears xD

After the concert I went shopping again, it was really nice to meet many friends, even some people I haven't seen in a long while!

I also found a nice shop called "The Ichigo Shop" with korean make-up. I checked the prices online and the shop had really good prices! So I bought a few items there.

In the evening I visited the signing session of Tempura Kidz, again they were sooo cute and funny, especially when they posed for pictures and were always goofing around between pictures xD

~*~ Sunday ~*~
I arrived quite early and took the time again to look around the booths. I found out about the Nintendo booth where you could play Mario Cart! Since I was walking around alone I had to play with strangers and it was fun but not that much fun because I didn't knew them haha. I hope next year I can find some of my friends to play together! I also played another racing game and now I really want to have it haha!

Then I went to the "character auction" (people can put themselves for auction and if you win you can spend 2 hours with that person - ok sounds weird but the money is raised for a good cause ^-^). The auction is always quite funny but this year there were 2 guys in Cosplay on stage besides the usual hosts and I think they wanted to be entertaining but sometimes they were a litte aggressive and didn't knew where to stop, so I was annoyed by them and didn't watched the whole auction.

Afterwards I visited the Lolita meet-up and hoped to find someone to visit the Host Club with me, and I was successful :D Shortly after the meet-up it was already time for my reservation, so we visited the Host Club and I liked it quite a lot. However I didn't liked that each host had a group of 6 people at the same time, so when my friend and I visited the club, we had to share our table with 4 strangers which was a little awkward. I mean the other girls were very nice but still we didn't really had a lot to talk about. So next year I also should find more friends to visit the Host Club haha.

Unfortunately the Host Club didn't upload the pictures with the host and me yet :/

Afterwards I wanted to watch the Dance Off Competition. I like this kind of dance and I wished I had a friend which whom I could participate in the competition ^^''' However I wasn't really impressed by the first few entries because they weren't the best dancers, so I got bored and left the competition quite soon (of course I know how hard it is to dance and I would probably fail horribly if I would participate myself haha).

In the afternoon I visited the signing session of Tempura Kidz again, took another look at the shopping booths and talked to some friends.

I already can't wait for the next Dokomi :)

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Magnology 2017 - Sunday

On Sunday was the Tea Party. We had to get up reeeally early because the event already started at 10 am D: However the staff of AP arrived only at 11 am because they wanted to sleep longer xD

When entering, everyone got a pink tote bag with a button, AP postcards and some flyers from indie brands (picture on the bottom). After a short welcoming we had brunch with a very delicious buffet! The brunch was great idea because I surely didn't had time to eat breakfast.

Afterwards we had some free time so I watched the Taiko group. I would love to play Taiko as well haha.

My outfit (this picture was also featured in the newest Kawaii.i episode, watch it here:

Then we headed to the bus to drive to a ship. We took a cruise with a historical ship. It was really nice because I didn't had time at all to do sightseeing in Hamburg, so at least I could do something during the Tea Party haha. The staff was very nice and loved our outfits. We also got cake and coffee, tea and soft drinks as much as we wanted. There was also a lot of time and opportunities to talk to the AP staff... if you could speak japanese haha. The cruise was 3 hours but after 1,5 hours it already got a little boring and I wished I had a card game with me (I even brought one to play at the train but of course I left it at the hotel >_<).

Maki and Asuka wrote in the guest book of Court of Fables (picture by ncvs2b)

My outfit at the ship (sorry for bad shoes and bad hair, we had to wear flat shoes and it was very windy)

After the cruise we drove back to the venue and we had the raffle and best dressed competition. They had nice prizes but not as many as at the Tea Parties in Paris. Everyone who didn't won something (like me) still got a present which was a small towel and a postcard. Actually I needed a new towel to put in my handbag so it's really nice that I have one from AP now :D
For the outfit competition Maki and Asuka chosed their favorite 2 outfits.
Then the Tea Party was over and we left very soon as we didn't had a lot of time to catch our train back home.

Items from the tote bag, raffle prize etc.

The event was so lovely and amazing, I'm sad that it is over *sniff* I hope next year they have another Lolita event but I don't think so (because it is mainly an Anime, Manga & Gaming convention) ^^'

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Thursday, June 29, 2017

MaGnology 2017 - Friday & Saturday

Around 3 weeks ago I visited the MaGnology convention in Hamburg, Germany. The reason was Angelic Pretty They had a 3-day event there and it was amazing! We could spend 3 days with AP including Maki, Asuka, Ms. Honda and Aya (Shinjuku store manager). The event had a relaxed atmosphere, no competition-feeling you sometimes have at big events. And also a lot of time to meet new people!

~*~ Friday ~*~
On Friday we arrived quite early in Hamburg and also around 1 hour before opening time at the venue because we wanted to be one of the first people at the AP booth :D. However a friend already sneaked into the venue and told us that AP only had dresses with them because one package was still in german customs... I was a little bummed because I didn't really wanted to buy any dresses, I wanted to buy tons of accessories :(.
Then the convention also started too late; guests with Lolita VIP tickets were supposed to have 30min early access, but in the end we had to wait more than 30min for the opening. However we were let in earlier into the "Lolita tent". Yes there was a special Lolita tent where only people with a Lolita ticket had access to, and it was really nice because everyone could sit down at a table and we had a buffet with cookies, fruits, vegetables and drinks all day long!
When we were finally allowed to visit the Angelic Pretty booth, people literally started to run to the booth to get the best stuff. But since we already knew they didn't had any acessories, we didn't run and instead took advantage of the buffet :D

After eating a little we visited the AP booth and as expected we didn't bought anything. (However they had 3 Lucky Packs which also didn't arrived, but in the evening I found out that we could reserve them. I reserved 2 or them, but since the package still didn't arrived Saturday evening, we had the possibility to gave the money back, which I did).
Then we visited all the other booths at the convention and had for example a nice conversation with a guy who sells japanese stamps, because my friend wanted to buy one. He gave us a mini-lecture about Kanji (japanese signs) and loved our Lolita outfits.

There weren't many visitors that day (probably because most people had to work) so we could take a look at all booths very comfortably. I think we spend the whole day looking at booths, talking and also waiting in the tent for the storm to be over D: (there was a little storm that took around 1 hour and it was super windy and rainy). Because of the bad weather, a program point with Angelic Pretty was moved to the next day.

booth from Court of Fables (german Lolita club)

My outfit - sorry for bad photoshop xD

~*~ Saturday ~*~
On Saturday we wanted to sleep longer but the Q&A and Meet&Greet with Maki and Asuka was moved to the next morning, so we had to arrive quite early again. The Q&A started and first the organizers asked some interesting questions they prepared beforehand. Afterwards the audience could ask some questions and I asked 2 hehe. I tried to write down the answers in my phone so here is some information:

- How long does it take to create a dress from the first idea to the final version? 
=> 1 year

- What are your favorite print themes? 
=> Maki: prints with Ponys (she loves Sugary Carnival)
=> Asuka: prints with strawberries

- What do you think was the most popular dress / print among your costumers that you have ever released? 
=> Misty Sky

- What do you like as a designer of AP the most?
=> Maki: going to events and see how everyone is coordinating the items
=> Asuka: going to events and see new creative outfits

- If you wouldn't have become a designer (of AP), what would you have done instead?
=> Maki: would have become an artist
=> Asuka: would have become a desinger for a different clothing style

- What do you like about Lolita the most? 
=> Maki: that you can be what you want
=> Asuka: that you can be a princess and that you can wear everything the way you like

- How do you think Lolita changed over the years?
=> Maki: Lolita became more mature
=> Asuka: nowdays you can create more different Lolita styles

- What is the difference between japanese and western Lolitas? 
=> western Lolitas create more invidual outfits with own ideas and self-made accessories

our amazing translator Mimi from the JStore Hamburg who helped out the whole weekend

Afterwards we could take pictures with Maki and Asuka.

I would have liked it better if we could take pictures while standing, here we sit so far away from them haha but this way is probably more comfortable for them if they have to take pictures with tons of people

Then there was a Taiko (japanese drum) workshop which I wanted to attend. It had already started during the Q&A, but luckily they had a free spot so I could join half-way haha. It was really fun (but too easy for me haha).

Of course we also checked out the Angelic Pretty stall. One staff member from the Paris store came all the way to Hamburg that day and brought a lot of accessories with her. Before the convention I told myself I'm not going to buy stuff if it is from the Paris store because it is so expensive, but guess what, I directly bought 4 items for waaay too much money haha.

I also bought the postcards from Magnology as a memory

In the afternoon there was a little performance with a Shamisen x Piano. It was really interesting because I never heard a Shamisen irl before. After the performance the player also took the Shamisen apart. She told that even in Japan it is very rare that people can see this, so it was a very exclusive view (so exclusive I forgot to take a picture of it haha).

Afterwards there were 2 Angelic Pretty fashion shows. The first one was at the main stage, and the second one in the Lolita tent. The second one was supposed to have 2 dresses that nobody have seen before (but I don't know which ones, I feel I have seen all of them before haha).

That's it for the first 2 days of the MaGnology. In the next post I will write about the AP Tea Party :)

Not all pictures were taken by me. All photographers that wanted to be credited:

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3
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